Learn how this missionary tool is helping  thousands of parents talk to their kids about Jesus!

In a very short time, children learn the main biblical teachings in an innovative and enjoyable way!


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Your child will have access to exclusive, high-quality content, with praised graphics, in an extremely attractive and engaging format.

Animated Bible Stories Videos

Interactive Bible Games

Interactive Bible Activities


All of this so that your child can have access to an attractive and fun biblical content, learn Christian values, and become a better and God fearing person, in a safe environment.

$6.90/monthly or $39.90/year

The app that connects a
the child with Jesus!

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Every day, children spend a lot of time online and are exposed to all kinds of dangers such as:

Gender ideology


Child eroticization 

Perverse pranks

Violent games

You can help your child so that they  don’t fall into the enemy’s traps and suffer the consequences of the wrong values that the world insists on teaching, every day.

Why subscribe to the Kids Plus Jesus app?

To give your children the opportunity to become closer to God, in a way that is fun while highly educational. This is our duty as parents!

If you said YES  to any of these questions, the Kids Plus Jesus app is for you!!

$6.90/monthly or $39.90/year

O que seu filho vai receber

Vídeos com
histórias bíblicas

Jogos bíblicos

Atividades bíblicas interativas

A modern and highly effective method!

Designed to teach the Bible in a fun and educational way.

Animated Bible history that sow the knowledge of many biblical facts and events, which build faith and trust in God into the hearts of little ones.

Every child is drawn to games. We use this form of entertainment to help them easily retain the essence of the bible stories and their teachings, so they can be more effectively taught on the righteous path!

$6.90/monthly or $39.90/year

Quizzes that reinforce the main points of the Bible story.

An instructive recreational tool with questions that strengthen school subjects such as literature, math, science, history, geography, and Christian education, generated from the biblical themes.

Lots of fun that reveals biblical knowledge as well as the ethical and moral profile of the child.


Library with hundreds of biblical drawings and phrases. Your child will be able to create cards and send them via whatsapp to family and friends.

Families being blessed with the Kids Plus Jesus app:

Join in and be the next mom to let your child play on the cell phone worry free.


NO advertisements.

RISK FREE of any kind of negative influence.

$6.90/monthly or $39.90/year



Certification Of Completion

After passing the 52 classes, the certificate will be digitally issued and can be printed in the comfort of your own home.


Digital Book (E-book)

How To Embrace Your Child With Jesus's Arms.

Helpful tips that will bring your child close to Jesus.

 Exclusive bonus for subscribers of the Kids Plus Jesus app.



School Reinforcement - Super Educational

The perfect union of school subjects: Math, Geography, History, Science, Literature and Christian Education, explored through biblical stories, with entertainment and interactivity.


Online Report Card

In order to help children understand and develop their gifts and virtues, responses to the content “DISCOVERING GIFTS AND VIRTUES” are collected and recorded on the REPORT CARD.

Parents or guardians can have access to the REPORT CARD and therefore be able to use the results to follow up and assist their children

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The entire amount received is reverted to the maintenance and improvement of the platform.

Together we are building the most complete platform for teaching the fundamentals of the Christian faith in childhood.




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Why is the app not free?

We would love for the app to be free for all children and hopefully this will one day be possible. However, since we are not sponsored by any church or organization, in order for us to honor our financial commitments and continue improving the app, the amount we get from the subscriptions are extremelly needed at this moment.

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Nós temos tanta certeza de que o conteúdo que o Jesus Para As Crianças abençoará a sua vida, seus filho e a sua família, que te damos 7 dias de garantia incondicional! É isso mesmo! Se você acessar o aplicativo e não for abençoado pelo conteúdo, nós devolveremos o seu dinheiro de forma integral!

Frequently Asked Question

Yes. After accessing the contents the first time, they are saved onto the user’s device.

At this time, for children ages 2 to 9.

Yes. Because the contents are differentiated by age. However, we offer special discounts for parents with more than one child.

Please contact us: support@kidsplusJesus.com

Yes. It is possible to access with the same LOGIN and PASSWORD on other devices (cell phones or tablets) but you cannot access the app simultaneously from two different devices.

The subscription is for a year’s membership which grants users one full year of unlimited access.

Payment for the annual subscription can be made monthly for 12 months or once yearly.

Debit or Credit Card.

No, the application is developed by an independent team of people who have Jesus as Lord and Savior, with no denominational ties. The contents are faithful to the Bible and none of them addresses doctrinal issues of any religious segment.

Biblical themes are presented in a compact form, often paraphrased, but always keeping the essence contained in the Holy Scriptures.

Unfortunately, not yet, but as we are continuously making improvements hopefully soon that will be possible.

Kids Plus Jesus® - All rights reserved. ​

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Kids Plus Jesus® - All rights reserved.

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Dedé Santana



Eu sempre trabalhei divertindo crianças em um tempo em que se fazia isso de forma inocente. Mas hoje, o entretenimento infantil parece querer desvirtuar nossas crianças e lhes dar valores contrários ao que Jesus ensinou. Por isso, recomendo com urgência que pais e mães ajudem seus filhos através do aplicativo Jesus Para Crianças, e dê a eles uma oportunidade de se tornarem adultos saudáveis e próximos a Deus

Cristina Mel



Jesus Para Crianças é um aplicativo voltado para a educação saudável da criança, independente de denominação religiosa. A fé cristã traz grandes benefícios para a mente dos pequenos e valores fundamentais para a sociedade, família, cultura, comportamento. Com certeza, ter um aplicativo que forneça essa experiência, de forma lúdica e divertida, é uma benção.

Sandra, mãe de Sofia e Lucas


Eu não sabia o que eu poderia fazer pra meus filhos parassem de ver aqueles vídeos na internet que não ajudavam em nada e ainda ensinavam coisas erradas… até que uma irmã da minha igreja me falou desse aplicativo e foi a salvaçaõ. Recomendo a todos pq é muito bom e meu filho adora!

Regina, mãe de Júlia


Louvo a Deus pela vida de quem inventou esse aplicativo. Minha filha estava com algumas brincadeiras estranhas em casa… falando umas coisas que eu não sabia de onde ela tinha tirado mas percebi que era da internet. Levei um susto e depos procurei por alguma coisa que ela gostasse tb e fosse cristão. Achei esse app e to apaixonda. indico pra tdo mundo!

Célia, avó de João Pedro


Eu sou avó e tomo conta dos meus netos. Minha filha reclamava muito deles ficarem tanto tempo no celular mas era a unica coisa que eles queriam fazer. Ai, um dia me falaram desse aplicativo num grupo de zap da minha igreja e fiz pros meus netos. agora ta todo mundo satisfeito. Eles aprendm mais da biblia e estão ate mais calmos com às mnsagns de Jesus. Parabéns. Muito bom